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This page is dedicated to the memory and work of Jack Wright

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Brainerd Mission
Here upon a small clearing in the wilderness in 1817, Brainerd Mission was founded among the Cherokee Indians by the American Board of Foreign Missions. It closed in 1853 when the Cherokees were removed from their ancestral domain to the west. This mission received support from the government and was visited in 1819 by President Monroe. The cemetery is owned and maintained by the five local chapters of the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) and the John Sevier Chapter of the S.A.R. (Sons of the American Revolution). It is currently being considered as an official site of the Trail of Tears.

Covenant of the Brainerd Church

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Brainerd Mission Cleanup:

The John Sevier Chapter is a member of the Brainerd Mission Cemetery Committee along with 5 DAR chapters as well. During the fall and spring, we help clean up the Cemetery, rake the leaves, and trim loose branches. The Committee has selected 3 dates for getting this work done.

these dates are:

19 Nov 2011, Saturday, 9am-noon
25 Feb 2012, Saturday, 9am-noon
19 May 2012, Saturday, 9am-noon

There will be water provided and tarps to haul the leaves away. But we'll need rakes, gas blowers, branch trimmers, gloves and of course YOU!

Please mark your calendars and come out and help us make this special place even more beautiful.

If you need directions, please let me know and we'll get you a map.

Thanks for your support

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