JSC's Spotlight Patriot (FEB 2019)

  William Rose was born 1757 in Granville County, NC and was son of William and Amy Langston. His SAR Patriot # is: P-281825 and his DAR Ancestor # is A098164.

He was married to Elizabeth Merritt (1758-1857). They were parents of eleven children: William, Christena, Hudson, Ilied, Ann, Ephraim, Nancy, Mary, Benjamin, Amy, and Elizabeth.

William served as an Ensign in the North Carolina Militia under his uncle Lt. Joseph Langston and brother-in-law Captain Stephen Merritt.

His widow, Elizabeth Merritt Rose applied for a Widow’s RW pension # S.W.8554. William died on 12 Feb. 1835 and is buried in the William Rose/Partin Cemetery in White Ash, Whitley County, Kentucky. 

by Compatriot William T. Siler

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We honor our patriot ancestors by telling their stories. Lets help preserve our history and reduce the danger of it being lost to the ages. The Patriot Ancestor Biography project is just one avenue where we can make a difference. In the 1894 Kentucky Society Yearbook, Thomas Page Grant wrote about the establishment of the Sons of the American Revolution, “The men whose forefathers took part in the establishment of the Nation were naturally drawn together, and in some of the older States formed themselves into societies to gather scatter bits of history and save them for coming generations; to preserve alive a memory of the men who gave so much for country and paid so dear a price for liberty; to inculcate in the minds of the rising generations a knowledge of what they fought for, and a love of the principles they held so dear. “

Now, over one hundred and twenty years later, we can act as Compatriot Grant described. In collaboration with the Patriot and Grave Index found at National web site, we are able to attach a biography, supplied by Compatriots, to our ancestor's in that database. The goal of the Committee is not to validate/verify the stories submitted; it is to share and provide a repository of those scattered bits of history.

As a recruitment tool your submission could provide the spark for a non-member to connect with a common ancestor and take the plunge to join the Sons of the American Revolution. Additionally, current Member might find a common ancestor and your biographical report could provide the ability for him to submit a Supplemental Application. 

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The Patriot Ancestor Database is one way you can honor your ancestor’s for perpetuity.

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