29 JUN 19 Recon of Sale Creek Cemeteries



Friends Of The Library 2018

TNSSAR had 69 Members for 2018 putting TN in the first position at NSSAR.  JSC has 23 members making us the first position chapter in the state. TNSSAR will get a ribbon for being #1 for 2018 at Congress in July, 2019! 

2018 Knight Essay Award

Zeena Whayeb’s (Chattanooga Central High School) won the TNSSAR  competition and earned her position to compete and represent The John

Sevier Chapter at the National level!

2018 JROTC Enhanced Competition Winner

Cadet Sandy Chen (Red Bank High School) won the JROTC Award for  TNSSAR and advanced to the NSSAR Congress' competition in Houston, TX!

2018 Joseph S. Rumbaugh Youth Oration

Avianna Harris (Red Bank High School) placed 2nd at TNSSAR while representing JSC during the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Youth Oration annual contest.

JSC 2018 Americanism Award Winner

President Larry Underwood received on behalf of JSC the Americanism Award for 2018 at the annual TNSSAR Meeting


The chapter reports annually on all of our activities supporting the missions and goals of the SAR to State.  Please take a look at how we compete with our brother chapters.

JSC Recent Past Presidents

2017 to 2019


Mr. Larry Underwood

2015 to 2017


Mr. Terry Siler 

2012 to 2015


Mr. Tim Adams 

The Patriot Medal awardee (TNSSAR's highest award to be bestowed on a compratriot)

2010 to 2012


Mr. James Moore 

Past TNSSAR President

2008 to 2010


Mr. William Eubank, III (picture coming soon)

Past TNSSAR President

2006 to 2008


Mr. Charles Dammann (picture coming soon)

Past TNSSAR President

John Sevier Chapter of the SAR Historical Files

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